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Thread: Hemi Powered model A coupe 31 £30`000

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    Hemi Powered model A coupe 31 £30`000

    Im thinking about selling my ModelA Coupe its a traditional rod that is on the road and runs very well,its got 6 94s on a dragstar like manifold 9" ford rear with detroit locker all the brakes have all new shoes spring etc etc most is new on this car including shocks hand brake and cables at moment it has a 40s ford dash and steering wheel which attaches to a f1 box,split bones 4 speed manual box with hurst shifter.the engine is a 331 chrysler which has solid cam and lifters and adjustable pushrods, schaiffer aluminium flywheel and mccleod clutch which was new old stock,it has hot heads BBC water pump conversion and leckie points conversion. it also has a dynamo/alternator .It has a model B grill and insert and 48 chevy tail lights if you want to see the car look up hemi model A on youtube as I cant seem to load pictures on here again hasnt worked for ages.since putting on youtube it has had roof insert fitted and glass.Put the finishing touches to this i.e your taste in interior and itll be one hell of a car. im looking for £30,000 Registration number is AV8 332
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    now with pics it also has roof insert done and windscreen

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    Bump I thought I put this up for 25k obviously not ��
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    Hi am interested in you coupe but not to waste your time on aload of questiones at this time I have a max of £20,000 .?

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    Where are you based I'm north Essex?

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    Hi thanks for reply I am in Scunthorpe north Lincs

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    Well your more than welcome to pop down sometime probably weekend is best .

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    Pm sent

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    pmd back

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    Pm sent

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    No longer for sale

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