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Thread: th180 auto speed drive

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    Quote Originally Posted by louisjohn96 View Post
    yes the skew gear slid along the shaft hence why it wasn't marrying up with the drive the retaining clip looks the same as the one on a 350 gearbox
    That's good then, it's a cheap easy fix with no 'special' parts or machining required.

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    Postage will always be expensive from US

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    hi jsf55 i saw these , they also have the measurements on there mine is the same width at 8mm but the length they are showing is 25mm mine is 30mm im just thinking is mine longer because of the time its been on the gearbox im not sure if spring steel flattens over time any ideas

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    I wouldn't have thought so, but it may be it's a superseded part that does the job ?

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    JSF55 i decided to buy the clips from america so waiting for them to arrive,then after speaking to my engineering friend he decided he could make one from some sprung steel he had, hey presto i now have a working speedo working through my clocks aswell one less thing to worry about thanks for your help again

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