for the street rodders and custom car owners

been making and selling these for around 10 years now.

small front clips.suitable for any small/light ish cars or trucks. custom made to order in any width and ride height.base hub to hub package is £1750.this includes a choice of spring rates,manual lh or rhd rack,choice of three popular pcd,s to suit most rims

loads of options like air,vented discs,wilwood calipers. fitting service available sometimes

coming in £2020 larger clips suitable for just about everything,cars large pickups vans etc..these can be either lhd power,or rhd/lhd manual.widths for power steering will be starting at 54 inches wide so suitable for anything from the 30,s upwards.price for hub to hub packages should be around the £2300 mark

pm or email

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