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Thread: Accelerator cable pedal slack

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    Accelerator cable pedal slack

    Hi folks, I've fitted a universal accelerator cable to my rover SD1 V8, sorry the car isn't relevant on here, but my accelerator pedal feels very slack, it works the carb , do I need to fit a strong spring to carb to make pedal feel stiffer? Cheers . : the one with blue valve covers is a mates.IMAG0573_1.jpgIMG-20200116-WA0000.jpg
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    I can see no evidence of a throttle return spring of any sort on the purple manifold version. Such a spring is not to aid the feel of the pedal, it's to positively close the throttle when it's not required to be open. Drag racers require 2 springs, just in case one breaks, so someone must have reasoned them to be a critical safety item.

    Many factory pedals have their own spring on the pedal, but my thought is that that is to take strain off the cable / mechanism from the weight of the pedal itself and will have a return spring as well on the engine.

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    Wondering if I need to shorten accelerator?

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    The throttle pedal should match the throw of the carb, i.e. if it's fully open, the pedal should be against the pedal stop, you have got one? if not your either going to snap the cable or bend the carb linkage. If all that's in place and you feel the pedal sits to high it may need adjusting to suit either at the pull point or pedal depending on design. 2springs at the carb is a good safe idea, but it may be possible to add one at the pedal to counteract the weight of it!

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