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Thread: Brake Light Switch

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    Brake Light Switch

    Can anyone help me with a replacement brake light switch that screws into the master cylinder with a 3/8"-24 IFM (inverted flare male) fitting please....or maybe point me in the right direction..

    many thanks keith
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    Hi mate, thanks for the was Steve who originally supplied it along with the servo and master cylinder...but the brake light switch 91031303 has apparently been discontinued and replaced with 91031304 that is a switch with an IFM adaptor to go into the master first which all sound's a bit of a faff..and I cant seem to locate one in good ol blighty

    cheers keith
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    I think you could Probably fit something with 1/8 npt thread, tapered, but will still seal in the hole, on the threads, if you can’t get the exact item you need.

    If you have something else with a 1/8 thread see how snug it fits in the hole before buying a switch.
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    It worked ok on mine

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