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Thread: viva ha front suspension on a pop

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    viva ha front suspension on a pop

    Hi sorry to drag this up again, i'm about to start rebuilding the viva ha suspension on my pop, which are the best poly bushes to go for?, i know pop browns still do them, I've looked on ebay and google but superpro only seem do viva hb/hc bushes?, any advice would be gratefully received cheers John Weatherby

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    Hi John,worth bringing up again i thought,as its been a while and i too was wondering what the latest was on these,how they are performing etc. I have recently fitted the polybush leaf spring bush's from Pop Browns as the poor quality "copy" rubber replacements (NOT OE bush's) had collapsed completely ,though they are holding up a small block Chevy engine.After a short test drive the leaf spring bush replacements are seem a definite improvement.

    I am still using the OE rubber wishbone bush's,its worth looking carefully at the used rubber OE bush's as sometimes they look perished on the outside (where the large washer goes) but on the inside where it counts they are still serviceable,definitely better than the early polybush replacements .

    Can anybody report on the performance of the latest ones ?

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    Hi Ian Thanks for your comments, will have a better look at the weekend, I've got a reversed eye spring for the front with pop brown bushes so that's good to know, Thank again john

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