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Thread: Hi, It's Womble :)

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    Hi, It's Womble :)

    Helloo there, It's Womble,
    no idea why it has taken me soooo long to get around to registering , or if i used ot be in the past?
    I seem to be know for my many unfinished projects? and my bad spelling,
    Some people might remember me from the HotRod Gazette Days ? yes it would be me coming to collect your ****e.....
    Presently working on moggy minors and a superminx, then there are the scimitars, imps, somersets A's and T's to sort ok so I'm gonig to be busy for a while, here for insperation, not a big poster, but like to look alot


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    NSRA Welcome

    Hi Philip, Thanks for the intro and welcome to the NSRA forum - enjoy.

    Look forward to seeing some pics of all those projects.


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    Phil you didn't mention a zephyr , you still have it ?

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    Yep, still got the zodiac, looking more sad for its self, more t odo, but needs more money as well , but I live in hope,

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    I like Zodiacs ...what year ? ...hi by the way

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    '61 mk2 used to run with a 318 in it , but have built a 350 SBC, but never got around to getting it back together . got bigger plans for it now, if and when i find the time

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