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Thread: Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Quiz! Bank Holiday Monday May 25th!

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    Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Quiz! Bank Holiday Monday May 25th!

    Ok, as we're unable to get out and about it was suggested that we all get together on Zoom for a meetup, so how about a quiz!!

    No prizes, cash, holiday or otherwise, just the chance that you might know more than someone else, or probably maybe not...!

    You'll need the Zoom app on your phone or tablet, very easy to download from your appstore, or ask (no names mentioned) a younger member of your family to help...
    The details are -
    Monday 4 May 19.30
    Krispy Kreme Hot Rod Quiz!
    ID 77028544431
    Duration 30 mins (default setting, will go on a little longer)
    Password 9ivrBW
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    ...are we out tonight?

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    Well for a first attempt I think that went quite well, an amazing range of knowledge was displayed, and big congratulations to Ross from Romford, tonight's winner!

    Same time again next week apparently!
    ...are we out tonight?

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    Monday May 11th
    Meeting ID 743-5027-4482
    Meeting Password 5KscYr I've got to write some more questions!
    ...are we out tonight?

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    'Dave, I wanted to join in but how does this Zoom thing work, it looks complicated....?'

    Either search Zoom on your phone/tablet app store or click here and follow the instuctions for your computer/laptop...
    ...are we out tonight?

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    Right then, let's see how many of you are up for this, 7.30 Monday night, May 18th!

    Zoom details are -

    770 7118 5727
    Password 8ycbfC

    Bring paper and pen....!
    ...are we out tonight?

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    Another one on Monday then?
    Something to do on Bank Holiday Monday!
    Zoom details to follow....
    ...are we out tonight?

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    Ok, 8pm Monday night, bring pen and paper, details are -

    ID: 869 065 1535
    Password 6Kq2DM
    ...are we out tonight?

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    Darn if only i had some one young to show me

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