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Thread: Athena's A level, charcoal sketch

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    Athena's A level, charcoal sketch

    Hi, I thought I would share my daughters sketch of my sisters Prefect in the garage and the F Type in the green house with a pile of parts in another shed
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    That`s some tallented sketching Julian ...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Brizey View Post
    That`s some tallented sketching Julian ...
    Thank you for the compliment, I've just shown her your comment
    Athena has just told me that the prefect is her first and only charcoal and the F type is pen and the VW parts was in pencil
    If she agrees i'll post others from her A level sketch book
    Ps she finished her A level art in 2018, now at Exeter university

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    Cracking bit of art work

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    Great drawings / sketches. Very talented.

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    They are great Chip

    only just spotted this thread,I have been told I don’t look properly before though

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    Pen drawing of an Alfa cut through 2017. More technical, but still free hand and patience. A lot of Athena's art is not car related. She has actually 'veered' away from drawing and painting. But still does the occasional sketch.
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    Athena says, Hello and thankyou for the comments.

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    That Alfa is something else, good stuff!

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    Danny's 34 sedan. With pencil undersketch under.
    Johnny Caldwell's pop and my wagon behind
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    Spetchley Breakfast meet sketchName:  IMG_1067.jpg
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    Chris Bond’s V8 MGA, my A and Ian Armstrong’s Pop

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