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Thread: Donít have permission to reply

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    Donít have permission to reply

    Hi, Iíve posted in the past to different topics, but now canít enter into them - Iíd have updated my posting on where my build is at etc but it says I donít have permission to reply
    I love seeing how others are working, and getting on but am frustrated that I canít comment or give basic welldone

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    it may be something as simple as Guest rights, I think there was a limit on guest "privileges" regarding access to various areas of the site and where you can post and how many posts you can upload. Guests do not enjoy the freedom that members have on the site. It will be mentioned in the rules.
    In the meantime enjoy the site and a real answer will follow soon.

    cant find a lot of info:::

    NSRA Forum Rules .. please read

    This Forum can be read by anyone, but you have to register before you can contribute.

    NSRA Members

    As long as you've provided a NSRA Membership number, forum moderators will check your membership, then set you to 'NSRA Member' status on the forum, as soon as possible.


    When you first register to use the Forum, your Forum 'status' will be set to 'Intro', and you'll only be able to post in the 'Intro' section of the Forum. When you have Introduced yourself, your Intro will be approved by a Forum Moderator, and you will be upgraded to ..

    .. a 'New Guest'. This is the start of your 'trial run'. New Guests on the Forum will be entitled to make 100 posts in any of the 'open' areas of the Forum. We think that 100 posts, if used wisely, could last a considerable time, and should easily allow you to seek or give advice, buy or sell an item or two, announce an event, and so on. We hope that during this time you'll discover whether the NSRA is for you, and give some consideration to joining us in the NSRA. After you have made 100 posts on the Forum, your 'trial run' is over, and you will become ..

    .. a 'Guest'. Now you will only be able to post in the 'For Sale', 'Wanted', and 'Events' sections. You'll still be able to view all the other 'open' areas of the Forum - but to post in other areas, and play a full part in Forum discussions, you will need to become ..

    an NSRA Member. Members can view and post in any of the Forum sections, including those set aside for 'NSRA Members Only'.
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    True but I am a member although the year changed over in April, might have been a week laps?

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    Nigel, your membership lapsed at the end of April
    Richard Black
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    Seems to be sorted now

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