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Thread: a question of power and speed

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    thats right,
    in the engine bay there is the engine, 12v Battery for light, wipers etc... and on top the controller box.
    the hing voltage battery is where the back seat was. so I still can carry a lot of baggage and because of the weight ist only a 2-seater anyway.
    the car has around 850kg, so we had to mark it as a 2 seater due to regularities.
    clutch, gearbox, axles and brakes are stock. the engine has around 160-180Nm torque and is limited at around 6.500rpm
    everything is build to be reversible, so you could make it run with the original engine without problems.
    the battery is a LiFe-Pack with 90 cells, around 100V and 21KwH, so that means you can go around 120km.
    charging at home over night so mutch easier than before.
    not a long diastance runner, but with the original suspension absolutly not necessary. ist build for shopping in the city, cruisin around and turn some heads
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