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Thread: a question of power and speed

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    a question of power and speed

    Hi, guys,
    I'm still thinking about the engine.

    -How fast would I be theoretically at about 6000 rpm with the original transmission? (Sry, I have no ratio info etc)

    -What torque can the original drive train handle without cracking?

    And YES, I know about the searching function of the forum.
    Its not so easy to get that info, so I try to find out this way.

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    About 850 mph.

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    The original transmission use to suffer failure under standard power .

    What is your maximum speed now ? Add about 1/3 of that for revving to 6000.

    Better question to YOU is what are you trying to achieve ? What restrictions are placed on you ?
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    never run the original gearbox.
    There is a "new" stock ´54Pop and a absolutely different and NOT original enginge.
    I think about how far I should restrict Rev and Torque to run that drivetrain savely.
    At the moment I have about 17KW power, 6000RPM and about 160Nm torque on the paper.
    So it sounds like this is far to much?
    Ok, so I will lower both. - Maybe 4500rpm and 120Nm is ok for a first try?
    Target is about 65mph. realistic?

    right, this is no "normal" engine and the specs sound a bit wired, thats correct.

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    If you are not running stock engine and box then why not also swap out rear axle for something stronger ...
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    It would be easier to make suggestions if you told us what engine and box

    I have over 45 years of experience in all manner of cars however really need to know what your aim is and what restrictions to have to comply with ( legally or physically ).
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    I guess I misspoke.
    I'll take the original box, only I've never run it before.

    So I have an original 54Pop, an original gear box and a motor that can do a maximum of 160Nm and turns up to 6000. I will probably mostly drive in 3rd gear only.
    OK, now you got me - it's an electric motor. I hope I will not be banned now.

    To regulate the motor down I wanted to ask here what the gearbox can take and how high I have to turn for about 65Mph

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    this just got interesting, will you start a build thread?

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    If you can regulate the motor to be very gentle then the gearbox could survive, but if you're drag racing or thrashing about blowing everyone's doors of I suspect it will not last very long at all

    If an original Pop did about 55 - 60mph comfortably then you could in theory be hitting the ton (100mph), but stock brakes, stock wheels and tyres, and stock everything else might be a bit scary! And then you've got to slow down!
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    exactly, thats how I plan to do it.
    100mph is way too fast, so I wrote 65mph a target. so ~4200rpmm limit should do fine?
    torque can also be limited. I just need an idea of the original setup. so 50-100Nm could be OK in 3rd gear?

    Its just for fun, NO RACING. I come from germany and the first cities are thinking about driving bans in zones for internal combustion engines. so it would be ideal for shopping. of course I can just buy an e-car, but hey, it's so much cooler to have an electric rod.
    If you have instagram, search for "rumgugger" and send me a message (so I know who you are). then you can see all the pictures.
    First step is to do everything technically correct to get german papers, then comes the fun part with colour and all the nice gadgets

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    do you have to keep the rest of the running gear stock for the german rules or can you swap more modern axles, brakes etc for the originals? if you can change parts to handle it then the full power motor will be ok.

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    actually I try to do it all as original as possible to impress the inspectors

    the only thing I had to cut was the fuel line, the rest just bolt off and on.
    I run a 90V Iron-Li-Ion system on a drive by wire pedal and added some new brake lights, a complete new wiring loom and all that 12v stuff. the car also gets seat belts (the wooden floor really surprised me^^), additional hidden gauges and so on. But on the first look you see nothing changed.

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    if you're happy to sacrifice acceleration, top speed, handling and braking to impress the inspectors that's good. me? i'll take the improvements any day for a nicer car. you can always use steel wheels and hubcaps for a sleeper look and i really think you'd impress them more with a well built 'safe' car that looks mostly stock. the stock brakes and handling were only just up to a stock sidevalve engine so any more power would be asking for problems.
    ps what's the saying... 'just because you can doesn't mean you should'.

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    thats right, but I also own a Tesla ModelS Performance for that.
    The Pop is much more the shopping car for the city or just for fun. brakes are not that important, in an electric car you slow down 99% with recuperation. My Tesla has 230.000km and the first set of brake pads!
    but thats not the question. maybe I will do all that in future, at the moment I wanna ride that ting!

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    small update: the car runs in second gear at 80km/h, I use the third gear to lower the revs. I don't want to go faster than 80 or 90 at the moment, because the original suspension is pretty.... oldschool^^
    I must remain original because of the laws in my country. Maybe there will be new old dampers or something.
    Brakes are not a problem, I thought so. Currently I recuperate about 35% when I take my foot off the accelerator, 100% with an additional button on the dashboard. Torque is almost fully adjusted, but I have set decelerations of about 1.7s to preserve the drivetrain.
    Clutch is rarely used and does not slip.
    Noises are less than I tought so on this side everything is fine

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    Not on twitter, but would love to see photos of this. Can you post some on here?

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    This site has the tech specs on the Ford Pop Martin, including torque, gearbox ratios etc.

    In the early 1960s my bro-in-law raced Spedeworth F2 stock cars which were mostly Ford Y models or Pops. These cars were really abused on the racing ovals and I don`t recall anyone having gearbox or rear axle problems despite the engines being highly tuned with Aquaplane speed parts and twin SUs or single Weber carbs. Ford Pop running gear can take a lot of punishment!. Stock rear end ratio on the Pop was 5.5 but stock car racers used to swap in 4.11 gear sets for higher top speed...
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    wow, thank you!
    thats good news

    I still can only post links to upload platforms here.
    But if you got Instagram you can ask me there.
    My account is "rumgugger" and I have about 100 pictures of the Pop story and everything there.
    I also can translate everything for you - just ask me

    here is something

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    Thats quite small! where are the batteries?

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    Mark, fifth link down, his "back seat" lol.

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