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Thread: August Street Gasser

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    August Street Gasser

    I am delighted to say the August Street Gasser is in the postal system. I hope you all enjoy it, as it is the second issue produced under ‘lockdown’ conditions. So please excuse the section on caravans!

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    Thank you Nick. I look forward to reading it, even the caravan article LOL

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    Thanks Nick...look forward to a read..

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    Well the postman has been up here in Yorkshire, a quick skip through n it look's interesting, mmm didn't spot any caravans though, ha

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    Mine just arrived, love the scrap yard

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    Good read as always, and a nice tribute to Kris, well done Nick.

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    Thanks Nick, enjoyed that!

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    Very good. Loved the scrapyard article- this is just up the road from us.To think that i probably have swept at peoples houses built on that site. How many other yards suffered the same fate?Imagine preserving one as a heritage site. As for the USAF Rocket 88 sitting there, how I'd love to pillage that one for bits now!

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    Very good . Liked the write up by Mick Harle on his fuel injection installation.

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