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Thread: No September KK!

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    No September KK!

    This just in...

    ‘Following the government’s recent announcement, the management and organiser of the Krispy Kreme Cruise have to let everybody know that there will be no meeting next Sunday, September 20th.
    Hopefully things will be back to normal for October.
    Stay safe everybody!’
    ...are we out tonight?

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    way things are mate,, stay safe were soon be back..

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    What is wrong with just turning up to buy a doughnut and a coffee whilst taking your loved old car for a run at the same time? Cannot see a problem with that? May be coincidental that lots more people think and do the same but there is no law against it!

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    Indeed, but if Officer Friendly turns up to buy his Double Dozen and there's 7 suitable cars in the car park then KK get a fine.... Yeah, I know, but that's the way it is!
    ...are we out tonight?

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