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Thread: 2006 mustang uk spec lights.

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    2006 mustang uk spec lights.

    could anyone help with a wiring diagram, or a company near Northamptonshire
    that would help in converting my lights to uk spec without burning out the sjb
    I would appreciate any help & info,
    if any one lives near me & wants to do conversion for a fee , contact me

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    I got a 2005 gt , you need to do that properly mate , By someone who knows how its done . Not extra bulbs in the wiring . There is a guy called Nick , NMH on the MOCGB forum who comes very highly recommended by other on there , Think he is Birmingham or Stafford area will have a look see if i can find him Give him a PM or post on the Forum
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    Steve Trott had it done on one by someone in the Midlands - probably the same as that already mentioned. Taking it from Devon is quite a commitment / cost, so I'd guess it's one of those jobs you need to know what you're really doing. Steves a resourceful guy, so it must have been serious for him to farm it out.

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    grab a copy of classic american mag', there's companies that advertise for this sort of work. or here's an example from a google search, they list '05 to '09 ,mustang if you schroll down the page
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