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Thread: 1958 Hemi powered **sold**Ford pop project. Corby. £10,000 O.N.O.

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    1958 Hemi powered **sold**Ford pop project. Corby. £10,000 O.N.O.

    Ha all, Sadly my Pop project is up for sale. **Sold**
    The car has sat in a dry unit for too long now and I realize that I just don't have the time to complete it so hopefully someone will see it's potential and finish it off.
    It can be seen in the members cars/ rides on page 8 under "My Build",

    A run down of the car is as follows,
    V5 present and is registered with the Hemi
    1958 Ford Pop, Body work complete apart from the headlights.
    New A pillars and rear valance fitted.Sills and B pillars repaired.
    Roof filled in with an Astra estate roof panel.
    Wings are all standard size and in very good condition with any minor repairs carried out.
    The boot lid has been repaired and has new fabricated hinges fitted
    The body has been flattened off and is in primer.
    The Doors have been resized to fit better and fitted with bear claw catches.
    The window winders have been modified to be easily reached and used.
    A mini wiper motor has been fitted under the dash and is reached through a fabricated glove box.
    all glass is present
    all internal panels are in bead rolled sheet steel and all are removable.
    I have made two ali bomber seats which only need a subframe to fit

    The main chassis is jig built from mainly 3 x 2 box section and some 1 5/8th CDS tube on cross members.
    The roll cage has been built from 1 5/8th CDS and is 90% complete and just needs additional bracing put in place.
    the chassis and cage is still in bare metal.
    The front suspension is mounted from the front cage.
    Shortened and height adjustable mcpherson struts are mounted and are located by spherical jointed arms with can be converted to poly bushes if needed.
    Steering is a new professionally narrowed Capri rack.

    Front brakes are 2 piece 10" vented wilwood discs with alloy bells.
    Calipers are new alloy 4 pot Alcon racing calipers.
    Brake master cylinder in place and custom pedal fitted

    Rear axle is a narrowed 9", fitted with a fully reconditioned Ford Tru Trac LSD with 3.9 gears, 31 splined Strange S/S shafts with new bearings. brakes are reconditioned Ford Cosworth calipers and merc 500 discs complete with fitted handbrake.
    The axle is located with a fully adjustable CDS 5 link and full spherical bearings, These have been fitted using spacers so can converted to poly bushes if needed.
    Engine is a 1956 Chrysler 354 Hemi, that has been fully machined.
    New Ross forged 10.1 pestons fitted,
    Re ground steel crank and checked steel rods.
    new oil hi flow oil pump fitted.
    Straight cut cam drive gears fitted and a high lift hydraulic cam has been fitted with new followers and lifters
    Modified and powder coated front crank cover
    Heads have been machined and have hardened seats so ok on unleaded.
    a complete and new valve train and S/S valves have been fitted.
    the head covers have been powder coated with high lighted lettering. there are no spark plug tubes but these are readily available from Hemi Hot Heads
    No oil filter has been fitted as I was looking to fit a remote system
    I made and fitted a new thermostat housing as room was tight and coupled up with braided hoses and fittings
    A high flow electric water pump is in place as is the alternator which just needs a belt to complete.
    A new mallory distributor is in place
    A high rise inlet has been fabricated in S/S and is fitted with two 500 cfm carter carbs with vac secondaries.
    2" stainless steel exhaust manifolds have been fabricated to fit within the confines of the narrow Pop body which are connected to a fully S/S system with twin mufflers in place.
    A Hemi Hot heads adapter plate kit has been fitted including the flex plate and new 2000 stall converter, this mates up to a reconditioned but standard TH350 box.
    there is no starter or propshaft fitted

    all gaskets available
    The heads only need fitting (new bolts included) and the cam timed to complete

    A pro ratchet shifter has been installed
    A modified escort steering column is in place.
    RS steering wheel.
    Front and rear bumpers included

    Weld racing wheels 15 x 12 and 15 x4 fitted with Goodrich tires at the rear and firestones at the front.

    The car can be viewed anytime
    Any questions pm me or call me on 07832684100

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