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    2030 All electric

    If it passed you by over the last few days the latest thinking from the government is to bring forward the date for ONLY electric and hybrid* cars being sold in the UK to 2030. Now for some of us in advancing years that may seem so far away, and by that time we will be so old that it will hardly effect us, after all I will be 72. But we have many amongst us who are young and looking forward to a future of hot rodding.
    The big problem I see is that, forgetting all the arguments whether this is a wise move, or a necessary move to save the planet, this announcement is sadly a worrying development for those of us who build our own cars.
    If they are expecting everybody to only buy new electric cars by 2030 they can hardly be allowing people to build their own petrol or diesel driven ones. That means long before that date the government will need to call a halt to all all hand built or small production cars. No doubt the likes of Morgan are right now thinking about their future, somehow I cannot see there being electric Morgan 8's or three-wheelers.
    Also don't run away with the belief that as you intend to build a car car with a previous registration or existing registration you will be fine, you will become a target. With no new hand built cars being registered anymore anything that looks different will stick out like a sore thumb and they will be wanting to make sure that your car is 100-percent legit; after all they are trying to save the Planet, and with this electric only rule they will be making sure no one bypasses is it.
    I will do my best to keep an eye out for legislation that will come our way to start these restrictions and/or call an end to home car building. I'm sure our friends in the Federation will have their eyes firmly on this too, but don't forget the Federation's focus is on whether they can still use cars already built not build new ones.
    Please feel free to bring any information especially consultation documents that you hear about to my attention, I'd rather hear about it 4 times then not at all. Although UK Gov are transparent on these things, they do sometimes slip things in and hope you won't notice.

    Edit* It appears hybrids will also be allowed in 2030.


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    At the moment the language used may not be what is actually meant. No new petrol / diesel car sales is totally different to No new petrol/diesel registrations. That could have a huge impact on resurrecting 'barn finds' or importing from other countries .

    Luckily the IVA scheme has provisions for still building one off electric vehicles.
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