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    Canít seem to upload photos of my pop onto for sale ad,or to gallery off my phone.
    Any help would be much appreciated.
    Many thanks.

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    If you download the nsra app from the playstore it's quite simple to add pics

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    Thanks,got the hang of it now..apart from the photo rotation bit :-)

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    Glad you got the hang of it, when taking a photo on a phone or tablet the device has to be the correct way up.
    And ,yes the screens rotate but that is for the display on the device being used, all devices do have a correct way up,it’s a matter of finding it.
    it is possible to edit a photo and save it to get it the right way ,just make a slight mod like a small crop for example,but that’s another skill level up.
    Hope this helps

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    Many thanks for your help.

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