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Thread: I said HOW LOUD IS THAT?

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    I said HOW LOUD IS THAT?

    Not sure how many of you know this but already in some London boroughs they're installing sound cameras. Kensington and Chelsea are thinking of putting them in and they will clock you if you are putting out more than 74 decibels. Now I assume that they also look at your registration number because obviously it's only new cars that have to meet the 74 decibel level, however anything over certain level will be clocked regardless.
    My immediate thought is how do they make sure the noise is coming from your vehicle? After all if you're going past the camera and something is making a huge noise next to the the damn thing how do they know It's your noise not theirs? It will be interesting to see what happens the first time somebody gets a ticket for their car and the noise was coming from a motorbike reving itself up underneath out of sight. That said I assume there must be some kind of directional sound recording, but either way as sound testing is done in laboratory conditions, and a street in London is hardly a laboratory, I can see if a few test case is coming out of this.

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