Hi guys (and girls), just thought I'd take a look at this forum as the obvious source of info for my new ride!

I'm Ian, just moved from Gloucester to retire to the coast, now living just north of Great Yarmouth. As part of the move, I found that I could now afford to get a hot rod, which is something I've always wanted. I've has some modded cars ever since I started driving....way back in the 70's, from a Mk1 Escort Van, through a series of minis up to a couple of highly modified Smart cars (Don't laugh, they are fun to drive as well!!).

Recently I've owned a couple of Mustangs, both LHD imports and both V6 models, before getting a Chevy SSR (very rare convertible, hard top pick up!) which had that retro/hot rod look, but a completely standard factory car.
This week I've finally got my hands on a great looking car.....a 1950 Ford Pilot, with a 350ci small block Chevy.....(will post pics when I'm allowed on this forum)....It was professionally built in 2009, and was featured in Custom Car mag March 2011 (so many of you may have seen pics of it?).
Since then it has hardly been used, only covering around 1300 miles, but I enjoy going to shows and intend to drive it as much as possible.
I've joined a local car group (East Coast Pirates) so will first be attending a couple of their local meets at Yarmouth, hoping they are a friendly bunch .
Will also look forward to getting involved with this group at some other events whenever I can.