NSRA Members Insurance

Classicline InsuranceThe NSRA Insurance Scheme (available to members only) is brought to you in partnership with Classicline Insurance, incorporating Ian Fray and Company. Specialist policies are offered, all of which have the benefits of:

  • Full Comprehensive Cover – Included as standard.
  • Drivers Aged 18 – 81 – We have a facility which gives greater flexibility with regards to the age of drivers on the NSRA scheme.
  • Agreed Value – Included as standard with the flexibility to reflect current market values.
  • Unlimited Mileage – Included as standard.
  • Mis-fuelling Cover – Included as standard.
  • Driving Other Cars – Drivers over 25 can drive other cars Comprehensively that are also insured under our new scheme.
  • Key Cover – Included as standard.
  • Business Use – Cover can be extended upon request.
  • Salvage Retention – Free retention on vehicles over 20 years old.
  • Choice of Repairer and Self-repair Option – No approved repairers, you can decide.
  • Foreign Use – Included as standard up to 90 days, cover can be extended upon request.
  • Full UK Breakdown including Homestart – Included as standard. European Breakdown cover can be extended upon request.
  • Multi Vehicle policies available – accommodating all cars, trucks, bikes and build-ups.

Members’ Insurance Valuations

In order to obtain a valuation, the following information is required.

  • Your name, address, NSRA membership number & Classicline Policy number.
  • full description of the vehicle covering all major components, i.e. body, chassis, engine, transmission, axles, suspensions, interior and any modifications to them. An indication of year would help, and names of major component manufacturers if felt it would add value to the vehicle.
  • A minimum of four photographs (size 6″ x 4″ or digital equivalent) showing both sides, front and back, interior and engine. The best format for these would be two corner views, one showing the front and one side, another showing the back and the other side, one with one or both doors open and one of the engine, and one other side view for the club records. However, if there are details of the vehicle that you feel would enhance the value and would not show in these views then add them as well. Remember, these will be all that Chris will have to go on, so make sure they are nice and clear, preferably taken on a bright day and please, don’t place a dog or child in front of some vital detail, Chris can’t value them! If you’re proud of your car, you should have taken loads of pictures so these won’t be a problem, will they?
  • A definite plus would be date-stamped photos, but we know that is not always possible, but would be desirable for re-valuations. One photo will be kept for club records. Digital photos are accepted and can be sent via the on-line form, or printed & posted, preferably on glossy paper, in the preferred size.


We are still experiencing a temporary glitch with the NSRA/ClassicLine agreed valuation online form.
To request a valuation or to renew your valuation, please contact the clubs Valuations Officer Chris Smith in the first instance.
Chris can be contacted on: 07730 416699 and Email email hidden; JavaScript is required

To submit your valuation details, please use the electronic valuation form which can be filled in and sent directly. Click here to go to the form:


  • Complete the form by entering all your information, choose the image files that you want to include, then click the ‘SEND’ button to send it directly to Chris Smith.
  • When using the interactive valuation form, please note that each text box in the online form will expand to accommodate as much information as needed – the boxes are not limited by the size that you see on the form.
  • Image files can be no larger than 3Mb in size, so please prepare your images first.


The on-line valuation above is the preferred method, but if you prefer to use posted paperwork, please download, save, print, and fill in the Agreed Valuation guideline form: NSRA Agreed Value Document

For postal valuations please include a stamped, self-addressed envelope of at least A5 size (9″ x 6″), so that the valuation and photos can be returned to you. If you want Chris to forward the valuation directly to Classicline, then please include a S.A.E. for them as well.

Photos can be sent when applying by post, but 6″ x 4″ size only please & printed on glossy paper.

The Post Office’s new charging scheme is based on package size as well as weight. What this means for you is that an A4 size envelope will be charged at a higher rate than an A5 (half an A4). Also bear this in mind when enclosing an envelope for Chris to return your copy of the valuation plus excess pics etc.

Applications with insufficient postage cannot be accepted (or collected); these will be returned to sender (assuming there is a return address on the envelope).

If in doubt, get your application weighed at the Post Office before you send it – a few photos, spec sheet, copy of membership card and one or two SAEs can weigh more than the basic 1st class postage – so please make sure it will get to Chris.

Here’s a link to the Royal Mail delivery options

Your request for valuation should be sent to:

Chris Smith
Hill View Cottage
Forest Road
Hampshire, SO32 2PL
Tel: 07730 416699


When applying for a renewal of your valuation, if nothing has been changed on the car since the previous valuation, just fill in the top section with your details (including your policy number, not any reference number Classicline may have used) then just brief details of the car, make, model & reg no. Then in the first box below that just put “spec as per previous advice” (or words to that effect).


Chris does NOT deal with the premiums or have details of the policies etc., all such enquiries should be made direct to Classicline Insurance.


For the best cover available contact ClassicLine Insurance on 01455 639000

ClassicLine Insurance
138 Castle Street
Leicester LE10 1DD