Registering on the NSRA Forum

To start using the Forum, you need to

  • Register and activate your Forum account
  • Post an Introduction if you are not an NSRA member

Here’s some pointers to help you prepare for registering:

Every Forum user has a user name and password.

Your user name identifies you to others on the Forum, so choose something meaningful and/or memorable. You can use your real name, nickname, car, or something totally unconnected. Please choose a user name of more than three characters, but don’t make it too long. You won’t be able to register a user name that someone else is already using.

When you log on to the Forum you’ll also need your password. This is for your security – preventing anyone else logging on as ‘you’. Use a memorable password, that is unlikely to be guessed by anyone that knows you. A mixture of letters and numbers is good. Please make a note of it!

To protect the Forum from spammers, we ask non-members to introduce themselves before they are allowed to post messages – so now’s a good time to think about what you’d like to say in your Intro – for example:

  • Your full name, where you’re from, how you got into hot rods, how long ago was that?
  • Maybe your preferred style of car, the car you have, or would like to have.
  • Cars you’ve had in the past, or the project you’re working on now.

If you still don’t know what to say, read some of the other Intros first.. please don’t be shy, it’s a great way for us all to know who we’re ‘talking to’. (You can always come back to your Intro later to add to it.)

NSRA Members are not required to post an Intro – but if you’d like to introduce yourself, please go ahead!

NSRA Members will get full access to the Forum, including the ‘Members only’ sections. Non-members effectively get a ‘trial run’ with a limited number of posts, and they cannot access the ‘Members only’ sections.

1 – Registering

Ready to register? When you’ve read this page through and you’re happy to continue, click here to start the registration process.

First, you’ll see a screen that contains this box:

  • Select your ‘Month’ and ‘Day’ of birth, then type in the ‘Year’ of your birth in full
  • Click the Proceed button

Next you’ll specify your user name, password and email address:

  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your desired password (twice – to verify accuracy)
  • Enter your email address (again twice – to verify accuracy).
    You must enter a valid email address or you will not be able to complete your Forum registration.
  • In the Image Verification box, type in the distorted words that are displayed.
    (This type of image verification is designed make sure you are a human – that is, to stop automated programs from registering on forums. If you can’t make out the words, get another pair by clicking the two arrows, just above the speaker icon)

Further down you’ll find some ‘additional required information’:

Allowing totally anonymous Forum users can cause problems – so we do need your full name and your location. Your full name is visible to other registered Forum users. Your location is hidden from other Forum users, but it can be seen by Forum administrators.

  • Enter your full name
  • Enter your location 
    (please be reasonably specific, for example ‘Oxford’ – but don’t enter your full address)
  • Leave the Time Zone, DST and Receive Email settings as they are
  • If you are an NSRA Member, please enter your current membership number. This will help the Forum administrators check your membership and to get you onto the Forum with ‘NSRA Member’ status.
  • Please note and answer the ‘Humanity check’ question. This protects us from spambots (automated tools that create bogus registrations on forums).

Next, please read and accept the Forum rules:

  • Make sure the ‘check box’ is ticked to confirm that you’ve read the rules
  • Click the Complete Registration button

If all is well, you’ll see a message thanking you for registering, and informing you that an email will be sent to you with instructions on how to ‘activate’ your Forum membership.

The initial registration process is now complete; please wait for your activation email. This will not be immediate – keep an eye on your email inbox, and if you have spam email filtering in place, please check to make sure the activation email has not been treated as spam.

2 – Activating

When your activation email arrives, just follow the instructions provided – normally you’ll just need to click on the first link in the email, just after ‘please visit this URL’.

  • Click the ’email activation’ link
  • When prompted, click to continue to the Forum

You’ll now be taken to the main Forum page. You’re in! The status at top right should show ‘Welcome, username‘ to indicate that you are logged in. You will now be able to view the Forum as before, but as a registered user, some of the images that were previously hidden will now be displayed to you.

3 – Posting your Introduction

If you are an NSRA Member, you are not required to introduce yourself, and you can skip this section.

At this stage you can read the Forum, but you still cannot post messages yet. To get full access you’ll first need to post your ‘Introduction’.

From the main Forum page, click the Intro Forum link from the list of Forum sections on the left. As a new user you’ll see a reminder of what’s required in your Intro.

Ready to post your Intro?

  • Click the NEW THREAD button:

You have started a new ‘thread’ to enter your Intro.

  • In the ‘Title’ box, type the title of your Intro post – for example, ‘Hi from Pete in Oxfordshire’
  • In the ‘Message’ area below, type in your Intro.
  • When done, click the Submit New Thread button.

Your Intro thread is now posted. A Forum administrator (or ‘Moderator’) will check your Intro to make sure it contains all the information that is required. Remember that your Intro will be invisible (even to you) until it has been ‘approved’. Forum administrators are not on hand at all times, so it might take some time to approve your Intro – please be patient.

When your Intro is approved, it will become visible to all Forum users, and your Forum status will change to allow you to begin posting your own messages or replies in other sections of the Forum.

Logging In and Out

On your first visit to the Forum, you should be logged in as above. But if you ‘Log Out’ or come back to the Forum at a later date, or connect to the Forum from a different computer, you’ll need to ‘Log in’ again. At the top right of the screen, you’ll see the Log in prompt, as below:

If you’re the only person that uses this computer, it can be handy to check the ‘Remember Me’ box – it will save you having to log on every time you visit the Forum. But if your computer is shared with others, this is probably not a good idea – as anyone else using the computer could read the Forum and post messages ‘under your name’.

Continue with your Log in as below:

  • Enter your user name
  • Enter your password
  • If you want your Log in to be remembered, check the ‘Remember Me?’ checkbox
  • Click the Log in button