A new era…

2018 sees the 25th Annual NSRA Nostalgia Nationals and the 30th Annual Original Hot Rod Drags, a milestone year for sure. With continuing uncertainty and much speculation about the immediate future of the facility at Shakespeare County Raceway a decision has had to be made to secure the long term future of both events, which have become a major feature in the calendar for both Hot Rodders and Drag Racers alike.

With that in mind, both events will now take place at Santa Pod Raceway, the Nostalgia Nationals over the weekend of the 11th-13th May and The Original Hot Rod Drags on the 14th-16th September.

The format will remain the same, with a firm commitment to pre 1973 RWYB, coupled with the ever popular and entertaining action provided by the Outlaw Anglia, Gasser Circus, Supercharged Outlaw and Wild Bunch contingents, as well as some additional track action which will be announced in the not too distant future. We are still confident that we can retain the distinct flavour of both meetings with the emphasis still being that of a Rod Run that just happens to take place at a Race Track.

It will still be the same team promoting the events and sorting all the details, we’ve even been assured that the admission fees will stay the same, so we look forward to welcoming you all at our new ‘home’.

On a final note, we would like to thank the management and crew at Shakespeare County Raceway for their tireless support over the last three decades, as well as recognising the support we have had from the team at Santa Pod and their desire to secure the long term future of both events.

Most of all though, we want to thank each and every one of you that have supported us through the years, you make it all worthwhile. Here’s to the next thirty years!!

See you at the track!

Steve, Martyn and Alan, the Hot Rod Drags team.